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Performance Marketing
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Performance Campaign

Facebook directly tracks the effectiveness of our initiatives, and our account manager occasionally assesses our marketing strategy. We use data-driven design to create marketing campaigns for our customers.

Media Planning And Media Buying

Our staff occasionally attends Facebook training sessions and completes the Official Facebook Blueprint certification exam as part of the Facebook marketing competency standard.

Daily Advanced Reporting

We demand everything for comprehensive tracking and the implementation of digital marketing. We have more than ten years of experience as a website development agency. We adore data and openness because we think they are the cornerstones of effective marketing.

Social Media To Direct Selling

All marketing requirements on Facebook and Instagram are supported by the Creative Team, Content Team, and Ads Team. Beginning with interaction and content planning, the focus shifts to e-commerce on various platforms.
Omnichannel Marketing
We Support Your Most Important Goals.

Full-Funnel Lead Generation

Digital Brand Awareness

 E-Commerce Sales

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1° Facebook Advertising Agency?
We Support Your Most Important Goals.
Ad agency
  • KLAIPEDA is a full-service Facebook ad agency with a focus on everything related to digital marketing, including ad creation, copywriting, and optimization.
  • Our advertising staff is excellent at coming up with plans for your ad campaigns, so you can make the most of your Facebook marketing money.
Highest ROI
  • We are prepared to take over your Facebook marketing initiatives so that you may improve conversion rates and ROI.
  • The Key To Success Is Having A Positive Attitude!
Faceboook ads
  • Facebook Rep Support
  • Cheaper CPM & CPA
  • ​No Spending Limits from Day 1
  • ​Business Whitelisting
  • ​Feedback Score Solutions
Google Ads
  • Google Rep Support
  • Pre-Approval in Merchant Center
  • ​No Spending Limits from Day 1
  • ​Ads Compliance Check
  • ​Managed Payment Methods
TikTok Ads
  • TikTok Rep Support
  • Target Any Location
  • ​No Spending Limits from Day 1
  • ​Pre-Approval of Ads
  • ​Credit Line Opportunity
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At KLAIPEDA, Solutions With The Biggest Networks Of Advertising In The World To Ensure Our Clients Have An Incomparable Advertising Experience.

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